Resonance Repatterning ® 01 Fundamentals

  • Live Online without Mentoring


  • over 4 sessions of 3.5-4 hours in length at a time that suits a global audience.


If we are not experiencing an abundance of love and joy, growth and expansion or we are frustrated by pain and anxiety or a lack of fulfillment with ourselves and in our relationships, or we have any symptoms of depression or disease, these signs are telling us that we have lost our optimal resonant frequency, that our frequencies are out of sync with each other.  Applying the fundamentals will give you the capacity to bring your frequencies back into sync or coherence at a fundamental level. Continuing the journey with the seminars you will regain your optimal frequency and as you apply the tools in everyday life, feel a heightened sense of happiness joy, and well-being on all levels as well as a sense of balance within yourself as you handle the outer stresses and strains of your life.


Key takeaways

  • Tools that provide an immediate shift in a negative attitude, improve a difficult relationship, help your children, have a positive impact on the world, or bring relief to someone who is on a downward spiral of feeling hopeless and helpless
  • You begin to recognize patterns of non-coherence in yourself and can use the tools to transform the out-of-synch frequency patterns for any life-depleting reality you experience
  • How to become confident in muscle checking
  • How to access your resonance through bio-feedback
  • Access to 100 different tools from sound, colour, light, movement, breath, and energy contacts that change your resonance and create positive outcomes in your life.