01 The Fundamentals

The first seminar in the series Fundamentals, teaches you the basics of Resonance Repatterning®

Resonance Repatterning®

01 The Fundamentals

  • Four learning options
    1. Live Online
    2. Online Self Study
    3. Accerlerated Basic 5 Series
    4. Live Online Full Basic 5 Training Series


The Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning® is perfect for those interested in exploring Resonance Repatterning® or seeking to gain a deeper understanding of this system. With over 30 years of tried and tested experience by a vast community of over 500,000 students, practitioners, and clients worldwide, this seminar serves as an excellent starting point for learning and confidently practicing RR. It aims to inspire participants with the vast potential of Resonance Repatterning® and empower them to integrate it into their daily lives effectively.

Course Description

Everything in existence is infused with life energy, causing various entities like a blade of grass, a tree, organs, tissues, and body systems, a successful business, or a loving relationship to vibrate at their unique and natural frequencies. This distinctive pulsation, akin to an energetic fingerprint, is known as the resonant frequency.

When we find ourselves lacking an abundance of love, joy, growth, and fulfillment in our relationships or experiencing physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges, it can be a clear indication that we have lost touch with our optimal frequency. In such instances, we are out of sync with the positive and coherent energy of life, leading to a downward spiral and a state of negativity or non-coherence.

On the other hand, the spiral UP state occurs when our body, emotions, and mind resonate harmoniously at their optimal frequencies, aligning with the positive energy of life.

Resonance Repatterning® offers a way to consciously and practically facilitate this positive transformation. It empowers us to take control of changing our energy, and it is something we can accomplish ourselves.

Key Outcomes

A student who completes this course will:

Learn what the Resonance Repatterning® System is about and how to use it to change our resonance with any problem we face.

  • Learn about energy and how it works in relation to ourselves and others.
  • Learn about coherence and resonance and why it is relevant to us.
  • Learn what non-coherent energy looks like and feels like.
  • Learn about orientation and disorientation.
  • Learn how to navigate the system and the books.
  • Have lots of opportunities to practice with helpful support.
  • Experience self-development and self-reflection.

Learn to apply the six (6) keys of the Mandala to create the positive change you want.

  • How to do Orientation.
  • How to do Problems into Opportunities.
  • How to do Intention for a New Possibility.
  • How to do four (4) specific Repatternings.
  • How to do (43) Energizing Options to relax, release stress, be focused and energized, and shift energy from non-coherent to coherent.
  • How to identify and implement Positive Actions.

Identify what we resonate with that determines whether we spiral up to positive change or spiral down into anger, reactiveness, fear, anxiety, stress, or negative thought

Learn to identify and transform the unconscious patterns we resonate with related to how we see, hear and express ourselves, as well as negative beliefs in response to early painful experiences.

Become confident using the muscle checking tool used in Resonance Repatterning® and in a practical way for your everyday life.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

  • Complete the online Muscle Checking Video Course before Fundamentals begins if you have not previously learned to use the muscle checking tool. You can find the video course here:


    • The Process Guide by Chloe Faith Wordsworth (purchase on: Amazon)
    • The Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning® by Chloe Faith Wordsworth (purchase on: Amazon)
    • Spiral Up: 127 Energizing Options to Be Your Best Right Now by Chloe Faith Wordsworth (purchase on: Amazon)


    • CYW Lenses, including 13 colour gels
    • Tuning forks
    • CYW Torch, including 13 mini colour gels