Become an Energy Ninja

When we can sense which direction energy is flowing naturally, we can align our decisions with that flow

Become an Energy Ninja

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In this programme…..

  • Learn how we get stuck in patterns, and how to eliminate them

  • Mastering communication and relationships

  • Tapping into and getting clear answers from our intuition

  • Become super present in the body and how this changes our entire life

  • Powerful tools for Energizing and clearing the body with self-healing

  • Tap into energy dive into the field of limitless potential and stretch awareness to ethically obtain information wherever this may be to help navigate life.

  • Clearing energy centers

  • Improve relationships

  • Attracting abundance and synchronicity

 Becoming more aware of yourself and your personal presence and grounding this in the world.

“Everything starts as and everything is energy – whether it is an idea or thought.

To get energy out into the physical world to manifest the life that we want to create, we need to be fully present in it first. Our body represents our personal reality our very own “here and now” and if we are not present in it, the impact in the world is weak – even if our mind & ideas are very strong. If we feel impatient, frustrated, amongst others, and we are not able to manifest ourselves fully, then this is definitely a programme for you. As we become more present, we feel calmer, clearer & focused. We end up then doing less and get more tangible results.

Clearing Mental noise and confusion and enhancing mental clarity

“The most common reason people struggle to perceive or sense energy easily is that they are distracted by their internal noise. It seems like a backdrop of thoughts, feelings & opinions.  We learn how to tune in, turn down the mental noise, clear distractions, as well as mental fog and deepen clarity. We learn how to view life in a more balance mind, how to tune out distractions, through everyday life with ease, and then how to go deeper into clarity.

How to Heal the body and bring more energy into the body with simple yet powerful healing tools

Energy in life is needed for absolutely everything. When we learn to arrive and show up more powerfully than we did before and with a great deal more energy, the more impact we achieve. We forget that the universe has an infinite amount of energy for us and it is learning how to tap in and use it effectively and that’s the difference between burning out or shining our light brightly in the world.  Once we know how to overcome being congested or stuck the body begins to clear and heal itself from the inside. Together, we unpack a whole range of tools to understand why we get sick and learn how to heal and clear the body,

Implementing Energy boundaries and living with understanding

“Empathy or being empathic is one of the most interesting and misunderstood areas of our intuition. From an energy perspective, we are constantly emerged in an ocean of thoughts, ideas, emotions, and feelings from others, but we are often completely unaware of the energy we are swimming or living in and how much it affects us. Have you ever felt overwhelmed or angry in crowded places? Do you get easily distracted or influenced by others? Or affected by other people’s emotions and moods? Or maybe are you insensitive to others, even though you don’t mean to. These are all symptoms of unconscious empathy and unclear personal boundaries. When our personal space is a good match for the people around, and the place we are in, we feel comfortable, engaged and present. We feel natural and authentic – like we can be ourselves.

Chakra Healing to optimize Communication & Manifestation

The way to view the chakras is that they are both our speakers and microphones in the world. They are our own personal orchestra for energy. They broadcast our unique energy to the world, and listen to the energy of others. When they are functioning well, it seems the world is graceful and easy and if they are congested or blocked, the world may feel clumsy and lack grace. If they remain consistently blocked, physical health may even be affected. It is relatively easy to heal and balance the chakras and so with key tools we can heal ourselves and the world becomes an easier and more magical place to be.

Changing Beliefs. We have beliefs about ourselves, others, love, money, emotions, success and relationships. In fact we have perceptions/beliefs about everything in our lives. How we see the world around us and how others view us strongly shaped by our beliefs and continues to reinforce those beliefs.

For the most part, we assume what we believe is true, these represent our unchanging facts about the world. Every time we learn something, new beliefs are created and old beliefs are removed. Yet the feeling that our current beliefs are true remains intact. So, our beliefs were true, then we changed them, and now our new beliefs are true, and we carry on with that way of being, as we updated our new beliefs and decide something else is true. The world then responds to our beliefs. Whatever we think is true actually is more true for us while we hold that belief. Our beliefs and perceptions begin to be hardwired from our early childhood and so as we created them, so can they be changed

Beliefs are either helpful or harmful. When they serve us, life is good, when they don’t life seems to be a struggle. This is also important because first impressions and reputation are our beliefs that everyone is reading – even if we don’t want them to. Learn here how to shift stuck energy and patterns, change beliefs and change your outward reputation.

Expanding Awareness

Our intuition is a gateway into the world of energy – a powerful sense for understanding past, present, and future. While we all have it very few people learn to use it consciously.

With practice, we can learn to see, hear, feel energy. That “gut feeling” which guides us consistently and when fully engaged, there is no limit to what intuition can share. When we can sense which direction energy is flowing naturally, we can align our decisions with that flow. When this happens, synchronicity unfolds, and outcomes seem to come easily. When we are not aligned, we can work like crazy and still get little done.

Regardless of the decision we are facing, there is always opportunity to find the easiest path, to align with the existing flow, and create synchronicity and abundance.

Learn how to deepen awareness, stretch awareness, move and travel with awareness to obtain information, travel in time and choose your future.