About Repatterning

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a leading mind and biologist specializing in the study of epigenetics, says

“when we change our perception, everything changes”.

Who we are

Within the Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology healthcare sector, we provide a comprehensive toolkit of resources, awareness, education, and tools to support a holistic approach towards achieving personal wellness.

Offerning amazing systems that helps your body’s energy systems reconnect and break free from old patterns. It’s all about restoring wholeness and vitality!

No matter what challenges you face in life, whether it’s navigating general life and business obstacles, improving health and well-being, addressing weight concerns, fertility issues, career advancement, family dynamics, financial situations, academic challenges, performance enhancement, dating and relationships, unlocking untapped potential, managing marriage or divorce, addressing addiction, or optimizing sports performance, we’ve got you covered!

And it’s not just for clients. Practitioners can also benefit, whether as a primary practice or as a complementary modality. Coaches, psychologists, performance specialists, doctors, mental health practitioners, mindfulness and meditation practitioners, healers, and sports professionals like bio-kineticists, applied kinesiologists, and sports coaches can integrate Repatterning® systems into their work.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your well-being and make positive changes, we’re here to support you on your journey. Let’s embark on this transformative path together!

Where do we fit

We are the perfect blend of Energy Psychology and Energetic Medicine, creating a powerful space for transformation.

Energy Psychology works its magic by gently and swiftly releasing those past traumatic events that might be stuck in your body and mind. It’s like hitting the reset button, helping you see the world in a whole new light, managing emotions better, and building better connections with others. Say goodbye to the baggage that’s been holding you back!

How Repatterning works

Practitioners tap into the body’s own wisdom, which guides them to areas where the body-mind system may have been compromised due to trauma or past experiences, even from our time in the womb.

With the help of Applied Kinesiology, practitioners are directed to the root of the problem, enabling direct intervention.

Psychiatrists have observed that in just ten minutes, practitioners can uncover core life patterns that would have taken years of psychoanalysis to uncover.

As Dr. Bruce Lipton, an esteemed biologist and expert in epigenetics, puts it, “when our perceptions change, everything changes.”

Repatterning is a comprehensive system that brings deep transformation, benefiting individuals dealing with a wide range of issues. It triggers profound shifts in the subconscious and energy patterns, leading to rapid and long-lasting change.

Our compelling reason for being

We offer transformative tools and programs delivered by qualified, ethical, and mindful practitioners. Our aim is to unlock your inherent potential, overcome challenges, change your perspective, and propel you forward towards a more fulfilling, joyful, and healed life. We are here to support those who dare to take the courageous step towards personal growth and positive change.