02 Primary Patterns

The second seminar in the series Primary Patterns, teaches some of the core early patterns that we adopt. Both Fundamentals & Primary Patterns are always run together back to back to form the basic understanding

Resonance Repatterning®

02 Primary Patterns

  • Four learning options
    1. Live Online
    2. Online Self Study
    3. Accerlerated Basic 5 Series
    4. Live Online Full Basic 5 Training Series


Our resonance with challenging emotional reactions and unhelpful beliefs can be traced back to painful experiences during infancy and childhood, where essential life needs, such as protection from harm, were not adequately met.

The Primary Patterns program is designed to guide us through a transformative process that leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our life experiences. It helps us identify and address the non-coherent patterns that have been ingrained since our early years. By doing so, our primary patterns gradually align with higher states of vitality, fostering harmony in our relationships, and instilling the confidence to navigate life’s challenges with the best possible outcomes.

The transformation of Primary Patterns builds upon the fundamental principles introduced in the Resonance Repatterning® program.

Course Description

Resonance Repatterning® focuses on transforming our inner selves rather than attempting to change external circumstances. It involves awakening to and harmonizing with the coherent frequencies of our true essence. This approach reveals that any challenges we encounter stem from being out of sync with our own natural frequencies, leading us to resonate with difficulties that can sometimes feel overpowering. By working with this system, we gain the ability to recognize and modify personal and generational frequency patterns, ultimately achieving a heightened sense of well-being across all aspects of our lives.

Key Outcomes

A student who completes this course will:

  • Review and build upon the concepts learned in Fundamentals.
    •  Orientation
    • Intention
    • Problems into Opportunities
  • Learn and understand the formatting used in the Resonance Repatterning® manuals.
  • Learn how to do five (5) new specific repatternings.
  • Learn how to do new energizing options that use
    • Sound
    • Color and Light
    • Movement
    • Breath
    • Energizing Contacts
    • Processes
  • Learn a powerful process called the Energy Constriction Release.
  • Identify unconscious emotional and belief responses that form the foundation of primary patterns. These include:
    • Our mental attitude to life and how we think, whether positive or negative.
    • How we see ourselves, our self-image—whether in a positive or negative light, with self-confidence or a feeling of inadequacy.
    • How much energy we are able to access and give to what we want to achieve and how we want to be.
    • How we express ourselves—authentic and creative or frustrated in our creative self-expression.
    • How we grow and change rather than being held back by what others think and want.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

  • Textbooks:

    • The Process Guide by Chloe Faith Wordsworth (purchase on: Amazon)
    • Transforming Primary Patterns by Chloe Faith Wordsworth (purchase on: Amazon)
    • Spiral Up: 127 Energizing Options to Be Your Best Right Now by Chloe Faith Wordsworth (purchase on: Amazon)


    • CYW Lenses, including 13 colour gels
    • Tuning forks
    • CYW Torch, including 13 mini colour gels