Getting unstuck

“Unleash your ability to become an unstoppable force”  Dr Suzanne Ravenall

Getting Unstuck

(Self Study Online)


Your journey to a new you…..

13 day expedition through your life for a lifetime of changes

Patterns Uncover the deep patterns keeping you stuck repeating cycles despite putting in so much effort.

Tools & Techniques Easy to implement tools and techniques to navigate life and challenges with ease in any situation.

Transformation Learn how to transform patterns and build a new and better you in 13 days – yes its that easy 13 days.

Unleash your ability to get what you want and become an unstoppable force, in 13 days.

Have you ever wanted to change? Be someone different, different career, job, promotion, better health, improved body, better relationship, but in some way it escapes you?

Can’t seem to move forward no matter what you try? Have you tried numerous approaches, woken up with the burning inner knowing that you need to change, but you’re stuck in the same cycle over and over again?

If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then this is for you!

  • Here is the opportunity to learn finally, where these disruptive patterns come from, how to identify what is going on, the cycles, compensations and strategies we unknowingly deploy, and tools and programme to help you kickstart this new journey and change
  • When we create understanding we turn the magic on, on the inside we begin to heal and transform in unimaginable ways and when this happens, it then shows up on the outside in everyday life. We become an unstoppable force combined with more courage and confidence than ever thought possible and have the power of our own innate wisdom, energy and mind to navigate disruption and amongst it all grow and live in an authentic way responding as opposed to reacting to life.
  • Cutting through the lengthy explanations, there is a packed workbook to accompany the program, full of exercises, reflections, tips & techniques along with a Facebook tribe to talk to and share with, who are also taking the program at the same time.

“Change happens in a moment, it doesn’t take 10 years to change, it takes 10 years to say that’s enough I wont do that again, you don’t need to wait that long, start the transformation process now”  Dr Suzanne Ravenall B.Msc. M.Msc. Msc.D.

“Everyone in the world should take this programme” DS Brooklyn New York