09 Energetics of Relationship

This exploration emphasizes our status as bio-electrical beings and the healing potential when we realign our electrical flow.


Resonance Repatterning®

09 Energetics of Relationship

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In the captivating journey of Energetics of Relationship, our connections with others are likened to the flow of electricity. It delves into the mysteries of attraction and why some people ignite a spark within us while others don’t, even shedding light on why close relationships may lose their spark. This enlightening program explores how quarrels, conflicts, childhood traumas, and intimacy issues can be tied to dysfunction in our “electric circuit” of relationships.

Just like in an electrical system, our relationships consist of four vital components. When each component functions smoothly, love flows effortlessly, and our relationships flourish. However, if any component falters, the energetic current weakens or becomes excessive, leading to problems in our connections.

Energetics Of Relationship beautifully grounds this concept through eleven transformative Repatternings. It unveils the keys to harmonious and loving relationships, guiding us towards healing and growth. By understanding the intricate dance of energies in our connections, we gain insights that spark profound shifts, ultimately illuminating the path to meaningful and fulfilling bonds with others.

Key Outcomes

A student who completes this course will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the four components that make up an electrical circuit, recognizing their relevance to our own electrical system and the energy within our relationships.
  • Acquire practical skills to balance these four components both within themselves and within their relationships through the transformative Repatternings.
  • Dive into the realm of the bioelectric circuit, exploring and comprehending its influence on various aspects of our relationships, including:
    • The reasons behind criticism, blame, and demeaning behaviors between individuals.
    • The factors contributing to attraction towards some individuals and repulsion from others.
    • The dynamics of falling in and out of love.
    • The variability in the longevity of love and friendships.
    • The reasons why conflicts arise and persist, leading to recurring arguments.
    • The impact of early life traumas on our well-being and intimate connections.
    • The phenomenon of initial energy abundance when meeting someone we’re attracted to, and the challenges of sustaining it over time.
    • The complexities and issues associated with forming close bonds with others.
    • The stress caused by the need for both connection and space within a relationship.
  • Look at how we can balance the energy flow and lift our relationships towards more joy, compassion, respect, trust, courage, forgiveness, and love.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Complete all of the Basic Series Programme: The Muscle Checking Course, Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning®, Transforming Primary Patterns, Transforming Unconscious Patterns, Transforming Chakra Patterns, and Transforming Five Element and Meridian programmes.

  • Textbooks:

    • The Process Guide by Chloe Faith Wordsworth (purchase on: Amazon)
    • Energetics of Relationships by Chloe Faith Wordsworth (purchase on: Amazon)
    • Spiral Up: 127 Energizing Options to Be Your Best Right Now by Chloe Faith Wordsworth (purchase on: Amazon)
  • Tools:
    • CYW Lenses, including 13 colour gels
    • Tuning forks
    • CYW Torch, including 13 mini colour gels