Energy Clearing Level 1 Self Clearing

  • Self study online without Mentoring
Clearing negative Energy Deeply for self

We are physical and energetic beings. From a physical perspective, we have many systems that carry information or fluid through our body, like our circulatory system, lymph system, our nervous system, as an example. Our energy system is the same, we have many channels that carry information and energy, but for most of us, we don’t see this through the physical eye, but it is there. There are countless scientific studies that support this theory. We mostly neglect our energy field in favour of our physical and if and when we do clear our physical, it often neglects to find the countless underlying causes that prevent our forward movement.


From an energy perspective, we are constantly emerged in an ocean of thoughts, ideas, emotions, and feelings from others, and have been since conception, but we are often completely unaware of the energy we have been in or are swimming or living in and how much it has or is affecting us. Have you ever felt overwhelmed or angry in crowded places? Do you get easily distracted or influenced by others? Or affected by other people’s emotions and moods? Or maybe are you insensitive to others, even though you don’t mean to.

Have you found yourself in your own life, where it seems to be in a negative spiral or where whatever your trying to do, just simply doesn’t move forward?

Everything in creation appears to us in duality. The concept of dark and light ~ Feminine / Masculine ~ Hot / Cold

So this programme starts on the premise that there are dark forces that influence our emotions and our behaviour, which we innocently assume as our own feelings and behaviour. And when we are at a low frequency we can get caught up with energies that prevent our movement forward. It doesn’t stop you from doing the real practical work that Is needed, but it can be the start that moves people out of a very dark space.

In this programme, learn a practice that allows you to clear yourself, and your projects at a deep level.

  • Grounding / Running energy
  • Protection process

For this programme you need to be proficient in muscle checking or the use of the pendulum. Proficient meaning that you do it with absolute ease and have been doing this for a long time.