Principles that drive Us ~ our compelling reason for being

“Our body is capable of healing itself at every level and contains the wisdom and intelligence to do so”


Our bodies are composed of an incredible 50 trillion cells, each with its own unique energy field. Recent findings in physics reveal that everything in our world vibrates as a frequency. It’s like tuning into a specific radio station that matches the frequency we resonate with. Depending on the frequency we vibrate at, we attract corresponding information and programs into our lives.

The frequencies we resonate with have a profound impact on various aspects of our existence. They can influence our state of health or disease, determine our level of success or failure, shape our experience of joy or misery, and even dictate our patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. The quality of our life, right down to the tiniest details, is intimately connected to the frequencies we align ourselves with.


Positive change occurs when we consciously transform our resonance, because what we resonate with is what we experience. When we align with a frequency of health and vitality, we naturally gravitate towards nourishing foods and feel motivated to shift any negative attitudes or habits that may hinder our well-being. On the other hand, when our frequencies are out of sync, we fail to resonate with what we truly desire and find ourselves disconnected from the frequency of health and vitality (known as destructive interference).

Resonance involves acknowledging that when positive events occur, it’s a result of aligning with positive emotions, thoughts, and circumstances related to that particular aspect of our lives (known as constructive interference). Conversely, when we encounter negative experiences, it signifies a misalignment with the positive emotions and thoughts we previously resonated with in relation to that situation. By understanding the power of resonance, we can consciously choose to shift our frequencies and create a more harmonious and fulfilling life.


“Coherence occurs when an incredibly vast number of subatomic particles synchronize their pulsations, creating a harmonious and unified whole. It goes beyond just a few particles resonating and pulsing together; our entire system aligns and experiences a quantum leap into a higher state.” – James Oschmann (Foreword, “Spiral Up” book in Resonance Repatterning®)

In Repatterning, we refer to this infusion of coherent energy as an “energizing option.” An energizing option can be a thought, word, or action that introduces a specific frequency, a coherent pulsation that realigns the frequencies within our body, emotions, and mind. It brings them back into sync within the optimal range of frequencies, fostering coherence and harmony throughout our entire being.

A Point of Choice

A point of choice is all about acknowledging that we have a problem and taking the initial step towards aligning ourselves with the desire for change. It involves recognizing that we are ready and willing to embrace something different from the challenges we face. It’s about making a conscious decision and taking action.

This point of choice exists on a delicate balance between order and chaos, representing a state of complexity and creativity alongside maximum instability. It is at this “wobble” between the two where we have the power to choose. We can either remain immersed in our problems or take a quantum leap towards a higher mental and emotional state of well-being. It requires transcending our fears and realizing that problems provide opportunities for growth and transformation. This is our chance to initiate change.

Wisdom of the body

Repatterning is rooted in the fundamental principle that our bodies possess innate healing abilities at all levels. We witness this natural healing process in action when a cut finger automatically starts to heal. It is a manifestation of the body’s inherent wisdom or intelligence. This inner wisdom guides and coordinates the functioning of our body, mind, and energy systems, working towards overall balance and homeostasis.

Just as the body heals a wound in a specific order, our body-mind system follows a similar pattern in its healing process. However, as humans, we often become impatient and desire faster healing than our bodies are capable of. Repatterning systems supports and facilitates the body’s healing at its own pace. The number of sessions required is a common question, but it is the body that holds the precise knowledge of how to heal and guides the practitioner to the areas that need assistance in the healing process.

Stress affects the body

The impact of stress on the body is profound, affecting its ability to heal and function optimally. When someone experiences persistent stress, it can overload the body’s energetic circuits, causing them to fail or become significantly compromised. Imagine plugging too many appliances into an outlet and tripping a circuit breaker in your home. In this case, a fuse is blown and needs to be reset. Similarly, the body may struggle to reset these blown circuits on its own, leading to suboptimal functioning.

When the body operates with compromised circuits, it begins to fall behind in the healing process, resulting in degeneration, illness, and pain. These are signals that the body is struggling to cope. Stress-related illnesses encompass a range of conditions, including but not limited to high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, digestive disorders, hormone and endocrine imbalances, fatigue, infertility issues, and various immune system disorders.

We are an energetic circuit

Our bodies consist of over 50 trillion cells, each with its own energy field. Every aspect of our body has its unique cells that are in constant communication with one another, not only on a physical level but also on an energetic level. This interconnectedness is truly fascinating to contemplate. Communication occurs through various channels, including the nervous system, meridians, chakras, and electromagnetic frequencies generated by the body.

However, when we experience trauma or stress, these communication circuits can become compromised, weakened, or disrupted. This disruption can have detrimental effects on our overall well-being. The Repatterning systems plays a vital role in restoring the body-mind system to its natural state. It helps reconnect the communication pathways and releases anything that causes disruption, allowing the body to heal and function optimally once again.