Membership benefits

As a member, you gain access to a range of discounts, tools, and valuable perks that come with your annual membership, including a License to Practice. The benefits you receive vary and expand as you progress through different membership levels.

Benefits our members enjoy:

  • Discounted rates for course retakes
  • Participation in Members Meetings
  • Access to our member forums for connecting with like-minded individuals, asking questions, and sharing experiences
  • Special discounts on events and courses with certain instructors
  • Study, practice, and training material to deepen their understanding of Repatterning work
  • Support for building their business
  • Downloadable and ready-made marketing material
  • Access to Masterclasses and many more exciting features!

Being part of the organization enhances the work and sessions of students and practitioners at all levels. It deepens their own practice, making it more effective. By supporting the organization, practitioners experience personal growth, refinement, clarity, and purpose in their roles as practitioners and individuals.

Membership ~ License to Practice Levels & Benefits

All memberships belong to Ravenall Institute brands, except for Resonance Repatterning®. For Resonance Repatterning membership, visit: RRII memberships