Brainwave Club membership

Offers you instant access to a library that contains 39 unique brainwave guidance audio sessions
  • Each with an Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma version so you may choose music you like and select a specific brainwave frequency based on your needs.
  • Full instructions supplied


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If you’re new to brainwave-guided meditation and want to experience stress relief, a creativity boost, a tranquil atmosphere in your home, or simply to enjoy deep relaxation, choose an Alpha version of your favourite Brainwave Club session, press play, listen, and enjoy. That’s it!
The unique brainwave technology works a lot like ancient rhythmic drumming. It’s a safe, effective and pleasurable way to sync your brain’s activity with a targeted rhythm or frequency, which is associated with a specific meditative state anytime you choose!
If you’ve been meditating for a while and you’re ready for a deeper dive into theta or delta, choose a soundtrack you like and select a theta or delta frequency.
Theta opens up your intuition. It’s the best state for saying affirmations while listening which puts you 100% in charge of self-reprogramming your limiting beliefs!
Delta is a deep state where the mind becomes quiet, and the body activates its self-healing mechanisms so you can boost your health and release the harmful effects of chronic stress.
Gamma is a very special brainwave associated with superlearning, genius-level brain activity, and feelings of ecstasy.
It’s perfect for priming your mind for learning or mental performance!
Your meditation practice will never become stale because the Brainwave Club library is constantly growing, and it will never cost you anything extra to receive more listening options.
You also get free unlimited meditation support from our friendly online coaches whenever you choose.
For decades, people have spent countless hours trying to meditate the hard way. Most quit.
But it’s now possible go very deeply in to meditation quickly and effortlessly…
… without spending hours practicing every day…
… use the Brainwave Club audio technology to experience all the benefits of deep meditation.
Your Brainwave Club membership gives you an “in” to a thriving meditation practice.
You get cutting-edge 3xPureTone™ brainwave guidance technology that allows you to listen with or without headphones.
And, you get unlimited free access to our world-class coaches who will support you every step of the way.