Be an energy ninja: mastering energy for an abundant life : Level 1

  • Live online Retaker

In this programme…..

  • Learn how we get stuck in patterns, and how to eliminate them

  • Mastering communication and relationships

  • Tapping into and getting clear answers from our intuition

  • Become super present in the body and how this changes our entire life

  • Powerful tools for Energizing and clearing the body with self-healing

  • Tap into energy dive into the field of limitless potential and stretch awareness to ethically obtain information wherever this may be to help navigate life.

  • Clearing energy centers

  • Improve relationships

  • Attracting abundance and synchronicity

  • Becoming more aware of yourself and your personal presence and grounding this in the world.



A “Retaker” means you have already been through the course before, either through, or through the Resonance Repatterning Institute, which is why the cost is so low. If you choose this product and pay for it and thereafter, are not able to provide the documentation/proof of certificate, prior to the course, a top up payment will be required.