Akashic Navigator Advanced

  • Live online with Mentoring

Programme 2 – Advanced Certification

Akashic Navigator – A deeper dive into the Operating system

Within this programme you will learn some key coaching skills to help your clients further along their journey, you will also go much deeper into the records and tackle key areas of concern for yourself and your clients, such as health, wealth, career, life purpose, relationships and generational issues.

  • Learn how to muscle-check
  • Learn how to use a pendulum
  • Working much deeper into the records learning new techniques and skills to enhance your abilities
  • Working with your future self and jumping timelines; how to shift these timelines for a better life
  • Learning more about each of the speciality areas of health, wealth, career, life purpose, and generational issues – and how to interrogate them and clear them
  • More techniques for clearing disruptive energy and patterns
  • Create the past and future you desire


There are levels of working within the Akashic Navigator to make this a true and fulfilling should you wish.

  • Level 1 – Programme 1 – Reading the records for yourselves and others
  • Level 2 – Certified practitioner – after undertaking a number of practice readings, you could elect to qualify to read/heal in the records for others, this would allow you to achieve accreditation
  • Level 3 – Advanced certification – here you would take programme 2
  • Level 3 – Mentor – if you have chosen Akashic Navigator as a career, and want to head to teacher level, we will assign you as a mentor so that you can get to experience and guide students along the way.
  • Level 4 – Teacher – once you have completed a period in the mentor role and achieved the plan set out for you – then we will welcome you into the teacher programme. Where you will be allocated a mentor and take over portions of classes and receive feedback – until you are sure footed and flying!

Along the way we will support you at every juncture with news and information to upgrade your skill, and should you choose to make this your career, you will have access to information on how to build your business and new news information and further development to help you along the way.