Resonance Repatterning® Full Basic 5 Training Series

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  1. The Fundamentals
  2. Primary Patterns
  3. Unconscious Patterns
  4. Chakra Patterns
  5. Five Element & Meridian Patterns


Ever wondered why you work so hard at something and it simply doesn’t materialize? A major cause of this is that our subconscious beliefs that are mostly unknown to the conscious mind and are active in our everyday life working hard at either being helpful or harmful, but mostly harmful and interfering with creating the life that we want and deserve

Do you have a desire to make a significant shift in resonance and an impact in your own life and have the power in your own hands to make the transformation when you are feeling the need? And what about that of another? Are you thinking about changing careers? Are you looking for a professional path that can be both gratifying and monetarily rewarding? Through this training you can create a prosperous career by facilitating the healing and growing process of others, helping them transform.  If you resonate with this calling, this training is for you. Combine your personal and professional experiences with these courses and become a trained facilitator.

Recommended by Bruce Lipton Resonance Repatterning is a powerful tool that provides a model for positive change and transformation. It enables us to identify and transform our resonance with the root cause of our problems the non coherent patterns, often with a surprising sense of ease. Positive change in any sphere of our life is an automatic result of resonating with a higher vibratory state of coherence; Resonance Repatterning supports this natural movement and evolution.

Resonance Repatterning offers you a whole new career opportunity starting with changing your own life form the inside out, then becoming a practitioner and moving onto teacher level, a whole new expansive global career.

Step 1: Train in the Fundamental Series and receive the re-patterning books that you can return to time and time again for your own and others' transformation.

Step 2: Certify as a practitioner.

Step 3: Join a global community and support group for increased learning.

Step 4: Join monthly community sessions to help you build your practice for a period of 6 months.

Step 5: Continue advanced training there are many more programmes to continue with your professional development expanding and growing your knowledge to apply to your practice.

The first step is to take the Basic Fundamental series, six in-depth programmes. All purchased together in one series.

How to Muscle check:

Duration: over 1 session of 3 hours in length at a time that suits a global audience.

Overview: Muscle checking (also known as muscle testing and Applied Kinesiology) is the tool we use in Resonance Repatterning to access the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS gives us reflex responses through the muscles that, with training, we can use for giving us “on” (active)/”off” (inactive) muscle responses — and discover what energizes and de-energizes us.

Key takeaways

  • The different types of muscle checking
  • What causes the on/off muscle response and why
  • How to muscle check for yourself and others
  • Limitations of muscle checking and potential misuse
Fundamentals of Repatterning 

Duration: over 4 sessions of 3.5-4 hours in length at a time that suits a global audience.

Overview: If we are not experiencing an abundance of love and joy, growth and expansion or we are frustrated by pain and anxiety or a lack of fulfillment with ourselves and in our relationships, or we have any symptoms of depression or disease, these signs are telling us that we have lost our optimal resonant frequency, that our frequencies are out of sync with each other.  Applying the fundamentals will give you the capacity to bring your frequencies back into sync or coherence at a fundamental level. Continuing the journey with the seminars you will regain your optimal frequency and as you apply the tools in everyday life, feel a heightened sense of happiness joy, and well-being on all levels as well as a sense of balance within yourself as you handle the outer stresses and strains of your life.

Key takeaways

  • Tools that provide an immediate shift in a negative attitude, improve a difficult relationship, help your children, have a positive impact in the world, or bring relief to someone who is on a downward spiral of feeling hopeless and helpless
  • You begin to recognize patterns of non-coherence in yourself and are able to use the tools to transform the out-of-synch frequency patterns for any life-depleting reality you experience
  • How to become confident in muscle checking
  • How to access your resonance through bio-feedback
  • Access to 100 different tools from sound, colour, light, movement, breath, and energy contacts that change your resonance and create positive outcomes in your life.
Transforming Primary Patterns

Duration: over 4 sessions of 3.5-4 hours in length at a time that suits a global audience.

Overview: Primary patterns are related to self-image, how you express yourself creatively, how you think and the impact your thoughts have for better or for worse, on yourself and others, the power of appreciation to create extraordinary change, and your capacity to commit your energy appropriately to every aspect of your life.  As we bring our frequencies into synch in relation to these primary patterns we automatically begin to resonate with a higher state of vitality, harmony in our relationships, and the confidence to live our best in all circumstances.

Key takeaways

  • the thought patterns that keep us stuck in negativity and pain,
  • 9 powerful primary repatternings that allow us to resonate with commitment to what we most want, an empowered self-image, creativity, enlivening thoughts and appreciation, and how this resonance opens doors to new possibilities
  • An expanded version of the Resonance Repatterning process, and how each key helps create outcomes aligned with our deep inner essence
  • Tools for positive change including one of the most powerful – an energy constriction release
Transforming Unconscious Patterns

Duration: over 4 sessions of 3.5-4 hours in length at a time that suits a global audience.

Overview: The brain’s neural pathways are so habitually used that they appear to be “who I am”. Rather these are activated and created in response to earlier experiences, stresses, beliefs, and ways of viewing oneself and life. Earlier experiences initiate the neural connections of our brain pathways and by changing our resonance with our earlier experiences (our unconscious belief and feeling response patterns) we can change our brain’s neural responses and how we function in life. Modern brain research has proven the plasticity of the brain – that brain-nerve connections and pathways can be modified, that even when neurons (nerve cells die and apparently cannot be re-generated, other areas of the brain can and do take over for the non-functioning part; and that new neural connections can be made, right into old age, to support continued positive change, flexibility, intelligence, memory, youthfulness and the ability to regain function – in spite of strokes, accidents, paralysis, ADD, autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s.

Key takeaways

  • The thought patterns and limbic reptilian brain survival response that keep us stuck in reactive fight-flight responses
  • How to avoid superimposing past pain on present situations and relationships
  • 5 Powerful repatternings for identifying and transforming core earlier experiences (unconscious patterns) which initiated the neural circuits that reinforce limiting and often painful ways of responding in the present. As new neural connections are forged you and your clients will find it possible to move into creative life-energizing ways of being, acting and relating
  • How the power of technique, explanation, and relationship support the client in living from a higher vibratory state of energy known as coherence.
  • How you can prune away old neural connections that are associated with present problems, negative ways of thinking and feeling, and relationship difficulties
Transforming Chakra Patterns

Duration: over 4 sessions of 3.5-4 hours in length at a time that suits a global audience.

Overview: Everything is energy and that is all there is too it said Einsten. Energy is the basis of all things Pain (physical mental emotional) is caused by a blockage in the flow of energy through the chakras; get the energy flowing in its natural course and the pain will automatically disappear. This seminar introduces you to the ancient 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic system with its seven major energy centres or Chakras that nourish the body emotions and mind. These concentrated reservoirs of energy impact your body, emotional responses, thoughts, and attitudes. In this seminar, you’ll learn to balance the energy patterns associated with the chakras for improved health, performance, and relationships.

Key takeaways

  • 4 powerful repatternings that help identify where the energy pulsations have lost their optimal synchronization, which is mirrored in our non-coherent life situations, our physical ills, emotional upsets, and our negative thinking and attitude, and then transform them
  • Strengths and positive qualities associated with the seven primary energy centres
  • How to identify imbalances and non coherences that affect thinking and feeling as well as the physical body and to transform them
  • How shock impacts and distorts the energy of the centres and how to resolve and transform it
  • Balancing the relaxation and expansion phase and releasing disrupted energy cycles
  • Bringing back resonance with your constitutional sound
  • Releasing life cycles that are being avoided or prematurely activated
Transforming Five Elements & Meridian Patterns

Duration: over 5 sessions of 3.5-4 hours in length at a time that suits a global audience.

Overview: Have you ever wanted to study acupuncture and have been unable to subscribe to the commitment needed to qualify. This Is your opportunity to have access to this wide body of knowledge and utilize the meridians and acupuncture points for well-being through the Resonance Repatterning system, although it is not a substitute for a well-trained Acupuncture practitioner, you will find that as you transform your resonance with non-coherent patterns your body mind frequencies become synchronized and this inevitably results in a positive change, whether on the physical level, in your emotional responses your mental attitudes and beliefs or how you experience your life.

Key takeaways

  • A deeper understanding of the five elements of the Chinese Acupuncture map of universal frequencies along with the twelve meridians of Chinese acupuncture and how to apply the five elements and meridian knowledge in your everyday life.
  • 13 powerful repatternings that help identify and transform the energy for the purposes of improved well-being.