Resonance Repatterning® 05 Five Elements & Meridians

  • Self Study Online without Mentoring


  • over 5 sessions of 3.5-4 hours in length


Have you ever wanted to study acupuncture and have been unable to subscribe to the commitment needed to qualify? This Is your opportunity to have access to this wide body of knowledge and utilize the meridians and acupuncture points for well-being through the Resonance Repatterning system, although it is not a substitute for a well-trained Acupuncture practitioner, you will find that as you transform your resonance with non-coherent patterns your body mind frequencies become synchronized and this inevitably results in a positive change, whether on the physical level, in your emotional responses your mental attitudes and beliefs or how you experience your life.


Key takeaways

  • A deeper understanding of the five elements is the Chinese Acupuncture map of universal frequencies along with the twelve meridians of Chinese acupuncture and how to apply the five elements and meridian knowledge in your everyday life.
  • 13 powerful repatternings that help identify and transform the energy for improved well-being.