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The Science of Changing Our Minds​

“Change your mind and you change your life”

Welcome Dear Friends,

We all find ourselves at times wanting to improve something in our lives, whether it be wanting to be more productive, successful, happier, healthier, or free from the past.  When approaching a challenge, we often experience frustration in our ability to either get moving with it or to making it happen. We know that all we need is to shift our perspective and take a new action but changing can seem difficult, so then we use brute force and willpower which when applied we see also doesn’t work. So we move around in a loop and come back to the starting line again.

Are there better, more successful ways to change our lives, so that we can live the lives we want for ourselves? The answer is yes! “Change your mind and you change your life”. The question is, how does this work and how do we go about changing our minds?

To help answer this question we are going to explore the topic of Neuroplasticity.

Let’s start at the beginning. Many of our beliefs and views about ourselves and life are formed in the very early stages of our life, in fact, they start being created the moment we are conceived, seems hard to fathom, doesn’t it? Yet so much scientific research is now available to help us understand how this period of our life from conception to early childhood, can leave indelible marks that can foster helpful or harmful ways of life.

As young children, our brains are in a Theta state, which sees us taking in enormous amounts of information at a subconscious level, which is extremely beneficial for the advancement of the human species but not necessarily always conducive to our happiness. As we take in all this information as a child, we do so by absorbing what we hear and see until we are at a point in our childhood where we can challenge what we hear and see and find out for ourselves.

Without the ability to discern if the information is accurate or if it is helpful or harmful we all too often, take on beliefs that are erroneous and destructive in our pursuit of a happy and fulfilled life. It is often only much later in life that we reflect, and observe what is happening around us and we see what we don’t like, that we investigate why these things may be happening. And through this reflection and investigation, we start to understand our role in how we are bringing to ourselves the undesirable.

We can call this part of the process of waking up. Up to this point, we may have spent a lot of time blaming others for causing our challenges.

This brings us to neuroplasticity, which is based on Hebb’s Law that states; “Cells that fire together, wire together” and, more formally, “any two cells or systems of cells that are repeatedly active at the same time will tend to become ‘associated,’ so that activity in one facilitates activity in the other”. In other words, any cells that are remotely similar in their thoughts seek each other out and they connect together like gangs. What we repeatedly think about, becomes hard-wired into neural pathways, which become our subconscious way of thinking, or our programme, leading to repeated associated behaviours. Or drawing to us the same patterns so that our hardwiring can play out its programme. This is why we “unconsciously” find ourselves doing things we don’t want to do. It is hardwired in our subconscious and our subconscious runs up to 95% of the way we run our day. And you thought you had control 😊.

When we understand that our subconscious mind, is hard-wired with neural pathways that we have been building since infancy and that it actually runs our lives, until we start observing, reflecting, and taking the deep dive we need to challenge our thinking and patterns and changing our approach we can then understand why changing our behaviours in line with what it is we actually desire at a conscious level, feels difficult. Unless we can change our minds at a subconscious level to align with our desires, change can often feel long, frustrating and on a continuous loop, and at times impossible.

If we want to change our lives, we have to change our minds, more specifically we have to change our minds at the subconscious level.
The question then, is how do we change our minds at a subconscious level? The answer in short is, we need to:
1. Observe our surroundings
2. Reflect and challenge our thinking and our perspectives
3. Change what we are doing and what we are thinking

And then we start to create new coherent neural pathways and let the old non-coherent ones dissolve.

So, in a little more detail, to start. We need to identify those subconscious beliefs that are not serving us and that are in opposition to what it is we want to achieve. Then to identify these beliefs, we need to observe what is happening around us and make a note of what we don’t like, reflect on people that we don’t like, and what it is about them that causes a trigger. What about them is maybe also in us at an unconscious level? Identify our emotions and behaviours. Then delve into the beliefs that underlie what we see. Often these beliefs lose power under inspection, as we look at where they came from. We then need to decide the new way of being, the new actions that we want, and the new beliefs that we want, and then repeat them through positive affirmations, actions, and changes. And repeating them over and over again. In the beginning, it may feel completely unnatural, but that’s normal – so we may need to “fake it until we make it”. Through Hebb’s Law, the nerve cells that are activated by our new thoughts start to fire together and then wire together into new neural pathways.

By consciously choosing these new thoughts we are not only rewiring our new desired neural pathways but are also allowing the pruning of the old neural pathways because the opposite of “fire together and wire together” applies, whereby “If you don’t use it, you lose it”.

Changing our neural pathways takes constant self-observation and choosing the thoughts that align us with what we want for our lives. It takes repetition and persistence, to dissolve old beliefs and adopt new beliefs that serve us.

There are modalities that really help in making the process of creating new neural pathways easier and here we will briefly cover a few of the most effective ones.

Hypnosis: In this state, brain wave patterns shift, with an increase in alpha and theta waves associated with relaxation and heightened suggestibility. This altered state facilitates increased receptivity to new thought suggestions, making it easier to change thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours.

Repetition: Through repeating affirmations and visualisation a few times a day, in a state of real belief, we can create new neural pathways one thought at a time. It can take time, depending on how hard-wired the non-coherent belief/s is/are, but through persistence, we will make our desired belief more dominant than the non-coherent belief.

Rapid Transformation: Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a hybrid therapy combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Psychotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and Regression Therapy. RTT builds on the basis that past experiences, habits, and beliefs create patterns in the subconscious mind, and that these patterns dictate our attitudes, actions, and reactions. Once we understand the cause of the problem, the transformation begins.

Rapid Repatterning: Rapid Repatterning works through a powerful combination of Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Clearing, and Repatterning, we tackle all the areas that need to move to help transformation at a core level.

It is possible to change so that we can live the lives we desire for ourselves, by changing our minds to align with what it is we desire.

It does take work, patience, and persistence but it can be so worth all the effort when we find ourselves living lives we love.

Come and work with me through self-paced programmes or one on ones to turn on that magic on the inside and see the magic on the outside.

With love,


Suzanne is highly skilled at cutting through the noise and getting to the core of an issue. Her sessions are deep and empowering and I always leave with a sense of clarity and understanding of the underlying causes of the challenges I face in my life.”

Matheo –  Cyprus

“Suzanne taps into areas that need to be cleared. She is compassionate in her sessions.”

Gloria – USA

Upcoming Live Programmes

July 2023

Resonance Repatterning Re-takers Accelerated Basic 5 Training Series

To become a practitioner you need to retake the basic series. This programme, allows you to complete the programme in just 20 hours over 5 weeks.

Live Programme details
Training will take place over Zoom and below is the programme schedule:
July 5, 2023: Fundamentals at 5:00 PM
July 12, 2023: Primary Patterns at 5:00 PM
July 19, 2023: Unconscious Patterns at 5:00 PM
July 26, 2023: Chakra Patterns at 5:00 PM
August 2, 2023: 5 Element & Meridian Patterns at 5:00 PM
All times are based on South African time.

August 2023

Akashic Intuitive Coach : Navigating life with ease, Programmes 1 and 2

For just one moment, imagine you had the ability to alter your relationship with success and everything happening in your life? Imagine having the ability to improve your intuition to such an extent that you receive daily guidance in the direction you are moving in…….. This is completely possible through the Akashic Intuitive Coach program.

This program enables you to tap into your powerful intuition and gain access into the Akashic Records, where the knowledge of every soul, every action, thought, perception and more, is held for the past, present and future. Learn how to navigate the records, receive guidance in how to change your life and how it is unfolding in the present, learn how to get to the root cause of problems and then to clear them, often with a surprising sense of ease.
Often called the book of knowledge, here resides all the information that you could have wished to know, to navigate your life.
Do you have a desire to make a significant shift and impact in your own life and have the power in your own hands to make the transformation when you are feeling the need?

And what about that of another? Are you thinking about changing careers? Are you looking for a professional path that can be both gratifying and monetarily rewarding?
If yes to any of these…

There are levels/stages to move through within the Akashic Navigator to make this a true and fulfilling experience …..take it as far as you want to go.
Level 1 – Reading & clearing in the Records for yourself
Level 2- Reading & clearing in the Records for others
Level 3 – Certified practitioner
Level 4 – Coach
Level 5 – Mentor
Level 6 – Teacher

September 2023

Trauma to Transcendence : Breaking the hold of the childhood Brain on your adult self

Trauma to Transcendence is a life changing programme.

95% of world, yes 95%, experience some kind of trauma – quite shocking and most don’t even recognize they have had it.
We all have it within ourselves to have a different life – this course starts out from the premise that we are all perfect and we lost that innate inner perfection along the way however this happened.

As a practitioner learn about trauma and how it shows up, learn how to handle it with clients effectively to help them heal. For an individual learn how to move from Trauma to Transcendence, what’s going on inside of you and how to change it.
To view full details of the Trauma to Transcendence programme click here.

Live Programme Details
Dates: September 7, 14, 21, and 28.
Online: Zoom
Time: 5pm SA time / 9am MX time.
Duration: The training will span over 4 weeks, with each session lasting 4 hours. In total, it will be a comprehensive programme with over 16 hours of training.

Free Masterclass – Learn How to Get Unstuck

For a moment, just one moment, imagine you could alter your relationship with everything happening in your life. Imagine having the ability to deeply understand it, improving how you respond to it and how to navigate it successfully.

By understanding how we create deep-seated beliefs and how these govern our every thought and action, we are empowered to change those beliefs that no longer serve us.

Our Unstuck Masterclass, conducted by Dr. Suzanne Ravenall, provides insight to help us grow an understanding of how our limiting patterns are created and how it is possible to repattern our lives so that we can create lives we love.

Key takeaways include:
Identify what keeps us stuck and learn how we can fix it

  • Let go of the past and have an abundance of tools to create a life we love
  • Develop an understanding as to how our experiences have shaped our current actions and how to change it if we so desire
  • Understand how our current and existing thoughts create our reality and learn how to change your current reality
  • Reprogramme our mind and our nervous system
  • Understand why we are here and replan what we want from our life

Recorded Group Sessions

Shedding Excess Weight

To shed excess weight on the outside, we need to focus on shedding the excess weight on the inside. Internal causes of holding onto excess weight can be one of several reasons, such as not having our childhood needs met. Repatterning will identify the root cause and reprogramme it to a more empowering state.

Purchase 4 Recorded Group Repatterning/ mini coaching sessions of 90 minutes each.

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Love & Relationships

We attract people at our common level of woundedness or our common level of emotional health. This means that if you want to attract a healthy, loving partner, you need to become that healthy person first.

More info


Money Mastery

Most of us want an abundance of wealth in our lives but many of us have a poor relationship with money and as a result, we have trouble manifesting money and wealth into our lives. When we repattern our underlying money beliefs, we can allow money to flow to us more freely.

More info


Overcoming the Need to Fix Others

We respond to the lack of unconditional love in the family dynamic by wanting to make everything ok. We want to be liked and to please others to avoid controversy. We learn as a small child it is safe to fix others’ problems and difficulties and we carry this on into adulthood.In this 4 part recorded group session, we work through a series of repatternings and coaching, to find out what is underneath this behaviour and move into a new way of being.

Purchase 4 Recorded Group Repatterning / mini Coaching sessions of 90 minutes each.

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Career Progression

To activate the Law of Attraction in your life, you must identify and change your limiting beliefs about money. Throughout our lives, since childhood, we’ve created limiting beliefs about money that have been internalized over time and accepted to be true even if they are not.

Before you can begin leveraging the Law of Attraction, it is important to first identify and address any limiting beliefs about money that you might have.

Over 4 repatterning / mini-coaching sessions, we uncover underlying success beliefs and repattern those that no longer serve us, so that success can flow to us more freely and abundantly.

Purchase 4 Recorded Group Repatterning / mini coaching sessions of 90 minutes each.

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Dr Suzanne Ravenall

More about Dr. Suzanne Ravenall

B.Msc. M.Msc. Msc.D.

Suzanne works within the field of human potential and is a transformation coach, integrative medicine practitioner, and human performance changemaker. Following great trauma herself, she has dedicated her life to helping people tap into their innate potential to overcome their challenges to create a better life and step into their power and realize their inner “enoughness”.

Suzanne has helped many people unleash their innate potential inherent in every human being.

To assist you in unlocking your most extraordinary self and becoming an unstoppable force, Suzanne Ravenall Transformation offers several private sessions, group sessions, and training progammes every month. These programmes are designed to assist you to not only make profound changes in your own life but to help those close to you, as well as provide you with a career opportunity in helping others if you so choose.

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