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Letting Go ~ Discover Everlasting Joy


    Dear Friends,

    As the year draws to a close, there’s a deep invitation for introspection and renewal. Amidst the festive season and transitional phase, there lies a profound opportunity to embrace the art of letting go. This juncture prompts us to reflect, release what no longer serves our growth, and anticipate the potential lying ahead. 

    Letting go is about releasing the grip of the ego and the mind on our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. It is about surrendering to the present moment and accepting it as it is, without resistance or judgment. When we let go, we free ourselves from the endless cycle of wanting and not wanting, which causes suffering and dissatisfaction. We become more open, receptive, and compassionate towards ourselves and others. 

    In the pursuit of happiness, individuals often tether their contentment to acquiring what they desire. However, the world frequently fails to align with these aspirations, leaving behind fleeting moments of satisfaction. True happiness, it seems, isn’t solely tethered to external factors. Rather, it’s intertwined with our perception and response to these external circumstances. 

    Reflecting on the disillusionment of chasing happiness through material possessions and external validations unveils a stark truth. The pursuit of external happiness often leads to an insatiable quest, where desires continue to burgeon even after material wealth is amassed. This process unravels the illusion that acquiring what one wants equates to lasting happiness.

    A Path to Inner Transformation

    A deeper examination reveals that our desires aren’t inherent traits but rather learned experiences. These learned desires often dictate our pursuits, urging us to seek external validation as a source of contentment. However, shifting the focus from these external conditions towards exploring our internal states emerges as a pathway to enduring joy and fulfilment.

    The core of unhappiness often lies in our resistance to life’s experiences, no matter how trivial. Resisting these encounters obstructs the natural flow of energy, contributing to a sense of discontent. Moreover, accumulating past experiences and traumas stores them within us, leading to discomfort and preventing unconditional happiness. Releasing these stored emotions and embracing the present moment becomes imperative for spiritual and personal growth.

    At the heart of the matter lies a false belief in controlling every facet of life. True happiness, however, emanates from accepting the present moment rather than striving for absolute control. This sense of control, coupled with specific preferences, can foster a narrow and unsatisfactory perspective, hindering our ability to find genuine contentment.

    Learning from individuals who exude unconditional happiness and openness, like the Dalai Lama, reveals the significance of adopting an unconditionally happy mindset. This approach allows us to radiate joy and love, transcending the limitations imposed by external circumstances.

    So, how can we let go?

    • Become aware of our thoughts and emotions. We need to observe them without getting involved in their drama or story. We need to witness them from a place of awareness and detachment, like a spectator watching a movie. This will help us to break the identification with our thoughts and emotions and realize that they are not who we are. We are the observer, the witness, the consciousness that is aware of them.
    • Relax and surrender to the present moment. We need to let go of our resistance, our expectations, and our judgments. We need to accept what is, without trying to change it or control it. We need to trust that life is unfolding as it should and that everything happens for our highest good. This will help us to experience inner peace and joy, regardless of the external circumstances.
    • Practice letting go in our daily life. We need to apply the principles of letting go to our relationships, our work, our health, and our finances. We need to let go of our attachments, our fears, and our doubts. We need to trust that everything is happening for our highest good and that we are always guided and supported by the universe. This will help us to live a life of freedom, fulfillment, and purpose.

    Practical Tips for Letting Go

    Mindfulness Meditation serves as a powerful tool for developing detachment and awareness. By observing thoughts and emotions without engagement, individuals become more centered and present.

    Cultivating Gratitude acts as an antidote to negative emotions, helping shift focus to the positive aspects of life. Appreciating the present and countering attachments and desires leads to inner peace and joy.

    Embracing forgiveness liberates one from past resentments and negative emotions. This practice aids in letting go of the past, fostering inner freedom and peace. 

    Releasing Control Attempting to control every aspect of life induces stress and anxiety. Surrendering the need for control facilitates inner peace and joy. 

    Living in the Present Moment Directing focus to the present moment alleviates attachment to the past and future, allowing for inner peace and joy to flourish.

    Embracing Renewal Letting go is not about erasing the past but acknowledging it, learning from it, and gracefully moving forward.

    • It’s a process of shedding what no longer aligns with our growth and potential. 
    • It is a powerful tool for experiencing inner peace, joy, and fulfillment. 
    • It is about releasing the grip of the ego and the mind on our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. 
    • It is about surrendering to the present moment and accepting it as it is, without resistance or judgment.  

    By practising letting go in our daily life, we can live a life of freedom, fulfilment, and purpose. 

    Celebrating the holidays and transitioning into the new year provide an ideal backdrop for this transformative journey. Also our family challenges that we are often confronted with over this season give us the opportunity to review this in a different way and let go.

    As you reflect on the year gone by and anticipate the one ahead, letting go opens doors to new experiences, growth, and a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. So, let’s take this opportunity to release, renew, and step boldly into the possibilities of the coming year.

    We wish you a peaceful and deeply meaningful festive season whatever your religion or beliefs and a blessed 2024 where abundance, health, growth and peace are your major themes.

    With love,

    Suzanne and team,



    Suzanne is a masterful teacher and coach. She’s extremely approachable, present, kind, warm, funny, and of course so knowledgeable.  My life has changed so much for the better because of my experience with Suzanne and the material.  Nicole USA

    Thank you for all the wonderful energy you bring to our world!  Patricia USA



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    “Suzanne is a person with wonderful energy, someone I was able to connect with instantly, who made me feel open and safe. She definitely has an impressive ability to connect to the source of Higher Knowing that leaves you in no doubt of her incredible skill.”  Ivana – England


    “I enjoyed this experience immensely. Suzanne immediately put me at ease and the time flew by. Absolutely I got value from it! Oh, where to start? I am crying again just thinking about it. Suzanne was quickly able to find and address issues that have plagued me since birth. I feel so validated and heard. I feel as if the questions and issues that I have struggled with for 46 years…”  Jennifer – United Kingdom


    “Since our session, I have found myself looking at my life in such a grateful way! And since our session a few events have happened that have pushed me to exactly the path that I have wanted to be walking. I had no fear of changing direction. I wish you a blessed life and that you have the opportunity to help so many of us.”   Cristina – South America

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