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How Trauma Keeps Us Reliving the Past

Greetings Dear Friends,

Have you ever witnessed somebody who keeps repeating the same challenging patterns in their lives? Or have you seen this in your own life? Many of us, despite wanting better for ourselves find ourselves in this loop of repeating behaviour’s and experiences in our lives that we at a conscious level, don’t want for ourselves. This can leave us feeling disillusioned or even disappointed with ourselves and at times, outright confounded as to why we can’t change this and move to behaviours and experiences that we desire for ourselves.

To understand how we find ourselves in this “stuck” situation we need to ask ourselves about the behaviour we are experiencing around us. What is this mirroring back to us? Are we behaving in the way that we don’t desire from others. Or is it behaviours that place us in the same situation time and time again, maybe a lack of accountability, lack of responsibility or that we don’t listen to the needs of others, and we are on our own pluck. It’s not easy to look at ourselves – but to make the change this is where we must start.

Once we are willing to look at ourselves as opposed to blaming others, we then need to explore the impact of trauma and how this impacts every one of us. We all experience trauma in one form or another and to varying degrees. Sadly, many of us are very unaware of this trauma in our lives, and as such, we are unaware of the impact it has on how we experience life.

We can experience trauma from as early as the time of conception and right throughout our childhood into our adult lives. By the pure nature of trauma, it is experienced profoundly, not only in our bodies but at a subconscious level. Trauma can be experienced by, for example, not having our needs met in childhood, such as a need to feel affirmed but being reprimanded instead. In our minds, we may see this experience as meaning we are judged and unloved. This could be very far from the truth, as we are unable to process this objectively and with maturity, we accept this as a truth and it becomes part of our unconscious identity of ourselves. Now we show up in life as somebody who believes that we are judged and unloved, which can lead to a host of undesirable and often destructive behaviours, all based on an erroneous belief.

Another common example that can result in destructive patterns, is the child being left by the parent during childhood. They may grow up believing “people I love leave me” or “my parent left because of me” or “I am just not loveable enough” and you can imagine how this negatively plays out in relationships.

Events such as school bullying can lead us to believe we are different, we are unlovable and this further deepens these negative patterns.  We again respond to life events from this deeply seated trauma.

The further we go through life, the more we create circumstances from these subconsciously held traumas and the more life affirms these beliefs, and this is how the neural pathways in our subconscious mind become hardwired, tainting our entire life with what are unresolved traumas trapped in our being.

Because unresolved trauma becomes trapped in our bodies and psyches, we may find ourselves feeling anxious, filled with self-loathing, and anger or just not feeling good enough and we can’t understand why we feel the way we do. These negative feelings stem from the fact that trauma triggers our flight, fight or freeze responses, known as sympathetic responses, and the longer the trauma goes unresolved, the more habituated and ingrained these responses become in our lives. These responses lead to a release of cortisol and adrenalin flooding the body which causes our muscles to tense, our hearts to beat faster, and turns off our immune and digestive systems.

Each time our body experiences a situation that feels remotely similar to the old stored experience, it produces the same chemicals and responds in the same way, over and over again.  Even though the current experience was probably not even close to the earlier stored trauma. And now we have a hardwired neural pathway deeply seated in our subconscious mind. No wonder we find it near impossible to change these negative patterns and feelings in our lives.

Now we have a better understanding of how we find ourselves repeating destructive patterns in our lives. It is important for us to realise, it’s not because we are not good enough, not disciplined enough, not bright enough, and so the list goes on…..

It is because we are being led by our subconscious mind, which runs up to 95% of our lives. Not only have we developed the feelings that support these beliefs, we have developed the behaviours that support these beliefs to.   That’s right, we are pretty much on “auto-pilot” for 95% of our lives, reacting to people, circumstances, and events from these deeply, and often erroneous, deep seated beliefs in our subconscious mind…. instead of noticing our reactions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours, we fly through life noticing that the pattern isn’t changing. 
Wow….that’s why we have the same repeating experiences.

This leaves us asking ourselves if we are doomed to keep reliving these patterns for the remainder of our lives. The body, with its infinite wisdom, does have a healing response, known as the parasympathetic response. This is the heal, rest, digest, feed, breed response. One of the ways that this parasympathetic response can be triggered is through connection and safety. An example of this being when a child hurts themselves playing and mum picks them up and comforts them, making them feel all better. The child then learns that they can work through the pain and that they can overcome this situation and receive the support and care they need.

By observing our negative patterns and then working to understand which beliefs are underlying these patterns, as well as the destructive behaviour that has been developed to keep these in place, we can then uncover the hidden traumas and work through them, removing the power they hold in our lives. Once these negative beliefs & behaviours are uncovered we can work on replacing them with more empowering beliefs and new behaviours.

Several modalities are excellent at helping to identify and resolve trapped trauma in our lives so that we can be empowered to create the lives we desire for ourselves.

To find a more in-depth understanding of trauma, its impact on our lives, and how to resolve trapped trauma so that we can create the lives we love, attend Dr. Suzanne Ravenall’s Trauma to Transcendence programme, starting on the 7th September. This live, life-changing programme will take place over Zoom, so no matter where you are in the world, you can learn how to recognize trauma in your life or the lives of those you love and how to resolve the trauma and experience a more joy-filled and content life.

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Amelia – South Africa

“Working with Suzanne Ravenall was a joy. I thought the session was well-paced. And found the simplicity, ease, and fluidity of the format, quite agreeable. Additionally, i took notice of the difference in the quality of the information that came through in the form of new and perhaps more appropriate questions, as the records were opened. I experienced a number of physiological responses, as my cells (third eye, kidneys, et al.) lit up, registered the interventions and energy began to flow. I was aware of insights and connections as the session evolved. And, ultimately, had a more palpable sense of both my internal environment and what is mine / what is not, at the close of the facilitation.” (A. L. Psychotherapist – Specializing in Energy Psychology)

Alexandra – New York

“Suzanne is a God-sent angel on a mission to change people’s lives for the better and heal their lives. Her perseverance, dedication, and professionalism have made the sessions priceless. She has the power to nourish our souls and instantly made our lives measurable.”

Sally – Hong Kong

“I want to say thank you. I appreciate what you’re doing and I am very grateful to you. My awareness and coherence are growing and it is the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. I have cried because I have felt so much happiness & joy inside. I had no idea that it was even possible.”

Nisha  – USA

Upcoming Live Programmes

September 2023

Trauma to Transcendence : Breaking the hold of the childhood Brain on your adult self

Trauma to Transcendence is a life-changing programme to help us become unstuck from repeating negative patterns in our lives.

95% of the world, yes 95%, experience some kind of trauma – quite shocking isn’t it? and most don’t even recognize they have had it.

If you fall into this 95%, by attending this programme, you will understand how trauma impacts lives every day and how to resolve these traumas, to create lives we love. We all have it within ourselves to create the life we desire.

This first-in-the-series program starts from the premise that we are all perfect and we have lost that innate inner perfection along the way however this may have happened.

As a practitioner learn about trauma and how it shows up, learn how to handle it with clients, become Trauma Informed, and effectively help others heal.

For an individual, who is not a practitioner, learn how to move from Trauma to Transcendence, what’s going on inside of you, and how to change it.

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Dates: September 7, 14, 21, 25 and 28.
Online: Zoom
Time: 4 pm SA time / 8 am MX time.
Duration: The training will span over 4 weeks, with each session lasting 4 hours. In total, it will be a comprehensive programme with over 16 hours of training.

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Recorded Group Session

Shedding Excess Weight

For so many of us, getting rid of some unwanted weight can prove to be extremely challenging. To shed excess weight on the outside, we need to focus on shedding the excess weight on the inside. Internal causes of holding onto excess weight can be one of several reasons, such as not having our childhood needs met. This group session identifies the root causes and helps reprograms the patterns to a more empowering state.

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It is a universal desire to enjoy close, loving relationships, yet for many of us, this is an area of our lives, in which we struggle greatly. When we understand that we attract people at our common level of frequency, we can make changes in love and our relationships. This means that if we want to attract a healthy, loving partner, we need to become that healthy person first.

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Most of us want an abundance of wealth in our lives, but many of us have a poor relationship with money and as a result, we have trouble manifesting money and wealth into our lives. When we repattern our underlying money beliefs, we can allow money to flow to us more freely.

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Overcoming the Need to Fix Others

Do you find yourself struggling to say “no” when you should? Some of us respond to the lack of unconditional love in the family dynamic by wanting to make everything ok for everyone. We want to be liked and to please others to avoid controversy. We learn as small children it is safe to fix others’ problems and difficulties and we carry this on into adulthood.
In these sessions, we delve into what is underneath this behaviour and move into a new way of being.

4 Recorded Group Repatterning / mini Coaching sessions of 90 minutes each.

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Career Progression

To activate the Law of Attraction in our life and to attract to us the career that we truly desire, we must identify what is holding us back.
Here we discover the limiting beliefs and the negative believes of “not being enough”.
Over 4 repatterning / mini-coaching sessions, we uncover the underlying sabotaging success beliefs and repattern those that no longer serve us, so that success can flow to us more freely and abundantly.

4 Recorded Group Repatterning / mini coaching sessions of 90 minutes each.

Purchase 4 Recorded Group Repatterning / mini coaching sessions of 90 minutes each.

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Dr Suzanne Ravenall

More about Dr. Suzanne Ravenall

B.Msc. M.Msc. Msc.D.

“Suzanne has helped many people unleash their innate potential inherent in every human being.”

Suzanne works within the field of human potential and is a transformation coach, integrative medicine practitioner, and human performance changemaker. Following great trauma herself, she has dedicated her life to helping people tap into their innate potential to overcome their challenges to create a better life and step into their power and realize their inner “enoughness”.

Suzanne has helped many people unleash their innate potential inherent in every human being.

To assist you in unlocking your most extraordinary self and becoming an unstoppable force, Suzanne Ravenall Transformation offers several private sessions, group sessions, and training progammes every month. These programmes are designed to assist you to not only make profound changes in your own life but to help those close to you, as well as provide you with a career opportunity in helping others if you so choose.

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